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Your vehicle is our priority


ITV problems?

With our engine cleaning treatment, in approximately one hour and at a minimal cost, your vehicle will comply with CO2 emissions in the ITV


Does your car consume more than before?

Over time, vehicles tend to increase their consumption, certain internal parts do not perform their function simply by losing efficiency, recover the best consumption or reduce your current consumption by up to 30%, either gasoline or diesel


FAP or DPF trap filters

With diesel engines and city driving, huge accumulations of soot are produced that the system itself cannot burn since it is not driven in the necessary conditions, with our treatment, we recover 100% of your particle filter without dismantling, again, a cleaning with disassembly or replacement, can suppose up to €2500 of invoice


Catalytic converter

In gasoline vehicles, especially with more than 10 years, the properties of the catalytic converter are being lost, due to the accumulation of hydrocarbons in the catalytic converter, which causes the obstruction of the exhaust ducts, poor combustion, poor idling or running, smoke colored in the exhaust.

As long as the catalytic converter is clogged, it is possible to recover 98% of its functionality.


The famous EGR

The EGR valve over time and the accumulated carbon, stops working, the time to disassemble, assemble, clean or replace, means that you can invest from €250 to €500 in its recovery, with our treatment, in approximately one hour and for much less money, you will be able to get your functioning back


Cars, vans and trucks 

Our service is valid for passenger cars, vans or trucks, likewise, we offer you the possibility of visiting us at our facilities or carrying out any technical treatment at home, we have a mobile unit to move throughout Andalusia.

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