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About us

Descarbonizados Andalucia is a multidisciplinary company dedicated to customer service.

Made up of automotive professionals with more than 15 years of experience, it offers a variety of services all related to the automotive industry, such as professional car wash, mechanical and technical service workshop, decarbonisation and vehicle sales.

Alfredo, Nico and Arseniy are at your disposal for any need you may have with your vehicle.

In current times, where the requirements to pass the MOT (ITV) related to compliance with vehicle emissions and rising fuel prices, it is more necessary than ever to provide a technical solution that serves to protect the mechanics, avoid breakdowns, reduce consumption by up to 30% and comply with MOT (ITV) emissions. Without this implying a disproportionate investment or high repair budgets, now more than ever is the time for practical, economical and fast solutions.

That is why our engine cleaning treatment is a simple, non-invasive technical solution, it does not require many hours of labor to disassemble and assemble parts, use polluting chemical products for cleaning or replace parts that, due to time, are losing their properties due to the use of the vehicle itself.

With our cleaning treatment, you can recover 100% of the power of your vehicle, reduce consumption by up to 30%, recover the functioning of parts such as the EGR valve, turbo, intake, valves, injector heads, catalytic converters and the dreaded particle filters (Fap or DPF)

At Descarbonizados Andalucía our objective is constant improvement, learning and implementing the services that our clients demand, to cover the technical needs of their vehicles, which is why we are constantly training to continue implementing the best solutions for our clients.

If you have any questions, we are at your disposal, contact us without obligation by email: or by phone (+34) 693704304.

decarbonize engines
lower co2 emissions
reduce car consumption
EGR valve
particle filter
EGR valve
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